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Exams and Results

Exam Boards
Please see below for links to examination board websites where you will find details of examinations and contact information for each board.

Information re the collection of GCE/GCSE Summer 2022 examination certificates

Old Exam Certificate collection 

Old certificates will be kept on site for a maximum of 2 years from date of receipt. To arrange collection please check first with the exams team if the certificate is still on site and then arrange an appointment to collect. 

Please email to arrange an appointment.

If we no longer have your certificates on site, or you have lost them see the below link for replacement certificates:- 

Summer 2022 Exam certificate collection 

2022 Summer Exam certificates - They will be available for collection from 28th June 2023. We will only allow visitors onsite if you have an appointment please do not turn up without an appointment, please contact the exams team to arrange an appointment to collect. 

Please mail to arrange an appointment.

If you are unable to collect yourself, please complete the form below. If you would like a nominated person to collect on your behalf, please return this to a member of the exams team in advance and arrange the appointment.

Attach form here (Summer 2022 Series Certificate Collection)