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Our Staff

Heads of Year



Mr D Tann
Year 7

Ms C Murray
Year 8
Mr M Tinker
Year 9



Ms R Gullefer 
Acting Head of Year 10

Ms G White
Year 11
Mr M Hamza
Year 12
Ms T van Beers
Year 13


Heads of Department

Art & Design/Technology Mr A Yiacoumi
Computing Mr B Alom
Drama and Dance Ms R Walker
English Ms A Malik
Geography Mr D Leftwich
History & Personal Development Mr P Chartorizhsky
Language Support Ms N Gómez Álvarez
Special Educational Needs Ms M Connor
Mathematics Mr S Nelson
Media Studies Ms S Begum
Modern Languages Ms D Collins
Music Mr I Sweet
PE Mr J Sains
Science Mr M Hadden
Social Sciences/RP Ms E Christofides