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Work from Home - Quick Guide

Welcome to Work From Home. Below are a few quick steps to accessing your work from home.


PC users:

Step 1: Download & run the work from home login program, found here

Step 2:  You’ll now be prompted to authorise yourself through the LFGL. Note that it says RDP Gateway Credentials highlighted in the below illustration.Here you must use your USO username with the 'RDP\' prefix before it - eg: RDP\ssmith789. This is supplied by the I.T. department on request.

* If you don’t want to retype these details every time you work from home just click the ‘Remember my credentials box’. 


Step 3: Instead of being taken to a typical windows login screen you will need to input your school credentials with a 'WHSNET\' prefix (illustration below) to log straight in to the school network. Note that this second log in screen says ‘enter your credentials’. 

You should now be able to access the school's network.



Macintosh Users:

Step 1 - Installing remote desktop connection

To use this feature, you must download and install the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the Apple's AppStore. Click here to for a link to the remote desktop client for macintosh computers.

Step 2 - Connect to the network

Once the app has been installed, please click here and click connect once the page loads.

**Remember to use your USO usename with the RDP prefix first to authenticate your LGFL account before you log on with your school account. - eg: RDP\jsmith789**