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Year 11 Noticeboard

Letters to Parents

Letter to Year 11 Parents and Carers - 18th August 2020

Letter to Year 11 Parents and Carers - 11th September 2020

English - Letter to Year 11 - 16th September 2020

Letter to Year 11 Parents and Carers - 21st September 2020
Year 11 Assessment Information for Students and Parents - 21st September 2020

Letter to Year 11 Parents and Carers - 15th December 2020

Letter to Year 11 Parents and Carers - 22nd January 2021

Year 11 Online Parents’ Evening – Thursday 25th February: 3.30pm– 6.30pm
Online Appointment Booking - 4th February 2021

Letter to Parents and Carers for Years 10, 11, 12 & 13 (National Apprenticeships Week) - 4th February 2021

Letter to Year 11 Parents and Carers - 10th February 2021



Year 11 Exams Information



Subject & Information

Year 11 CTL Subject & Information - 10th March 2021


Careers Advice & Guidance:

The school is working in partnership with Prospects to offer careers advice and guidance for students. Our Prospects advisor, Ms Lasite, will be having 1:1 meetings in school with Year 11. She will discuss your child’s post-16 education decisions and will offer any advice and guidance they may need. It is important that students understand all their options, make informed choices and plan their next steps in order to reach their full potential and future career goals. 

Meetings will take place during the school day and will last approximately 30 minutes.  Social distancing measures will be in place.

An appointment will be made for your child and they will be notified by the School Office of the date, time and room.

If you require further information, please contact Ms White or Mrs van Beers.

October 2020