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Start date for Year 12 & Year 13

Year 12 students start date

Year 12 students start on Wednesday 5th September 2018. Students are to arrive at 9.55am for a welcome assembly in the Main Hall. They will then be based with their tutor for a full induction. Students will be dismissed for the day at 12.15pm. Students will follow their full timetables on Thursday 6th September and arrive at 8.35am for registration.

Year 13 students start date

Wednesday 5th September 2018 is the first day back for Year 13 students. On this day they are to arrive at 9.55am. They will go to their tutor room to register and re-enrol with their tutor. They will have a brief induction before signing out at 10.55am. Students will attend Sixth Form as normal from 8.35am on Thursday 6th September.