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Wanstead High School

Physical Education Vision

The Department, consisting of seven specialists, combining expertise and experience, is both enthusiastic and forward looking. Our timetabled curriculum is based upon the SPORT FOR ALL concept encompassing the Key Concepts of the National Curriculum to develop pupils' Competance, Performance, Creativity and Healthy Active Lifestyles. We aim to give as broad a base of learning as is possible so that pupils can develop interest and an understanding in many different areas.

In Key Stage 3 your child will follow a programme of courses in the following sports:

Athletics, Badminton, Basketball, Cricket (boys only), Football, Health, Hockey, Gymnastics, Netball (girls only), Outdoor Adventure, Short Tennis, Rounders, Rugby.

In addition to this, students in years 8 and 9 are given two option blocks consisting of 6 weeks study in a Games and Health Option. During these sessions classes are mixed depending on the activity choice selected by the student.

In Key Stage 4 students are given a range of choices to follow.

The may use one of their options to study GCSE PE encompassing a range of pracitcal activities and theoretical knowledge. resulting in an examination at the end of year 11.

Short Course GCSE PE. This allows them to have a taster of the course in Year 10 and ascertain whether they would be suitable to be examined and gain half a GCSE in year 11.

Sports Leadership. This course allows students who are interested in sport but not exceptional performers to study the roles in which sessions are delivered. They will learn how to set up activities, coach and lead small groups. If timetabling allows students may also visit Primary schools and deliver PE as part of their course.

Sports Studies. Physical Education is compulsory until the end of Year 11.  The National Curriculum helps students Develop Skills, Make Decisions, Evaluate Performances and choose a Healthy Active Lifestyle. We recognise that by Year 10 and 11, students have their own sporting interests. The Sports Studies option allows for a narrower curriculum to be taught thus maintaining maximal interest and activity rates and setting students up for continuing PE outside of school life.



As a department, we run school teams for every year in Football, Basketball, Netball, Cricket, Athletics, Rounders. Our School teams are entered in District, County and even National competitions. We are very proud of our record in this area and, equally, of our very full tutor group sports programme, which provides competitions for many pupils whom would otherwise not have the chance to participate in this sport.

In the recent past we have successfully taken teams to National Finals in Basketball and Rugby (at Twickenham).