Wanstead High School

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Heads of Year

If you would like to get in touch with your child's head of year please find contact details below

Year 7    
Head of Year Ms C Murray c.murray@wansteadhigh.co.uk
Assistant Head of Year Mr J Orton j.orton@wansteadhigh.co.uk
Assistant Head of Year Mr M Hussain m.hussain@wansteadhigh.co.uk
Year 8 & 9
Head of Year Ms A Adams a.adams@wansteadhigh.co.uk
Assistant Head of Year Mr R Wint r.wint@wansteadhigh.co.uk
Assistant Head of Year Ms O Gallagher o.gallagher@wansteadhigh.co.uk
Year 10 & 11    
Head of Year Mr H Ali h.ali@wansteadhigh.co.uk
Assistant Head of Year   Ms L Robson l.robson@wansteadhigh.co.uk
Assistant Head of Year   Ms T Van beers t.vanbeers@wansteadhigh.co.uk
Years 12 and 13    
Head of Year 12 /13 Ms E Bray e.bray@wansteadhigh.co.uk
Deputy Head of Year 12 /13 Mr T Edworthy t.edworthy@wansteadhigh.co.uk